Choose your itinerary, apply to be a NOMADS volunteer

If you wish to volunteer for the NOMADS programme, follow the instructions

If you live in Estonia, France, Greece, Italy, Spain (Catalunya) and UK (Scotland) you can join the NOMADS programme. Interrail pass (4 weeks) and food and lodgement during the voluntary service are covered.

You can choose among dozens of Itineraries: each itinerary includes one workcamp (10-14 days) and one or two shorter projects (2-4 days) to volunteer for. Thanks to the Interrail you can travel around Europe and reach the projects!

Step 1
Choose your preferred itineraries, after have checked its schedule and your availability. Keep note of the Itineraries you wish to follow.

Step 2
Contact the NOMADS organization in your country and tell them your preferred itineraries. Follow up their procedure to join (application forms, emails..).

Step 3
Wait for the response about your choices. When you will receive a confirmation on one your choices, receive the projects infosheets, the NOMADS gadgets and be ready to prepare your travel. Issue immediately your Interrail pass, it will be reimbursed once back.

Step 4
Be a NOMADS volunteer! Enjoy your sport and voluntary service month around Europe!
Take photos, videos, write your stories and share them with your sending organization!