In Milan to welcome everyone: sport is for all!

One of the NOMADs projects was held in Milan, July 2018, and it was a real success: 10 girls and boys from (Europe and not only!), 10 days of get to know each other and work together, 10 days of intense work to improve and make the Hurricane Popular Gym more welcoming.

Thanks to international and local volunteers, in a few days we have changed the appearance of the gym, giving it a new face!
The local community welcomed the volunteers with open arms, helping with the work, offering food and smiles, happy to meet so many young people who came to know Milan and the projects of the Mutual Aid Space.

This project leaves us with a great teaching: to live fully an experience like this, you have to open your mind to other cultures, learn to know others habits and costumes and remove prejudices and stereotypes.

The Hurricane trainers and athletes and the community of the Space of Mutual thanked NOMADS and the volunteers for the great work!

Background and aims of the project

The ASD Rubin Carter was born with the idea that the first thing that matters is not the money, not the sponsors, not the profit that a company can have, but the spirit of solidarity and cooperation, and also of self-confidence and in the same group with which it is practiced.

We chose to use the name of an athlete that can well represent the spirit with which we approach the sport and not only: Rubin “Hurricane” Carter, a great sportsman and a great man, who has fought all his life in the ring and outside, rebel against the wrongs that he had suffered and injustices of racist society.

We believe that sport can be a powerful instrument of interaction between people, through which to build moments of social interaction, mutual understanding and respect, which are free and open to all.

From 2013 we run a community gym, with the aim to guarantee economical accessibility to sport for all in the expensive city of Milan. The gym “Hurricane” supports several projects in which an upright fair play represent the natural prevention to discrimination and racism. The gym is completely self managed by the athletes and the coaches, that invented and built up it independently in a daily development.

The activities increased: thanks to a wonderful group of international volunteers and our local community, last year we build a new level of the gym. We love to be always in movement, so we decide to upgrade again the project with “Hurricane’s Club House Project”!