Life is different when you are a nomad

Neidi, Nomad volunteer in Italy

While discovering NOMADS, I came across an itinerary that included the workcamp calledCircocentrica 2017 and I was curious to join and learn more about alternative sports, circus and arts. I was chosen for the program and on the 1 of September, I arrived in Rome.

I joined an international team: all together we were representing Estonia, Spain, France, Portugal, Kenya, Russia, Turkey and Germany. We arrived for dinner time and after this, we put up our tents that were our homes for the next two weeks. The work to prepare the big event was hard, but the group was fantastic and we made it. Our aim was getting the area ready for the festival and help the community when the festival starts. During the festival our schedule was flexible and we could join the workshops: handstand, aerial arts, Chinese pool, acrobatics, acro yoga, juggling, slackline. It was amazing! I have done acrobatics and acro-yoga, so I was eager to learn. It was so fun to try hoop and silk and it opened up a whole new world for me.

The life was different from our everyday life. We were living in the tents with cold showers and compost toilets. We didn’t have our everyday comforts with us and we were living in a different culture, so it was a good challenge for all of us. I feel that this experience really make me grow up faster and also taught me about different ways of living. Being part of the circus crew made me realise how much variety there is in the world and how much to discover.

Thanks to NOMADS!