NOMADS 2018, solidarity in motion

The three-year project (2016-2018) coordinated by Lunaria, for the promotion of volunteering in support of sports associations that practise sport for all, was concluded at the end of 2018.

International volunteering and popular sport are the two elements that have given birth to NOMADS, the project that has allowed about 400 young people to travel throughout Europe, taking part in various voluntary camps and sporting events, organized by about 130 partner organisations of the project.

NOMADS has been very successful among the young people who in the last three years have left with a simple backpacker, an Interrail ticket in their pocket, to reach the different workcamps they had chosen, and a great desire to provide their skills to create a festival, a sports event, clean a path, create a gym or build a bridge!

In fact, the young people in “nomadic” mode have been committed to sustain a lot of different initiatives in which sport was used as a tool of social cohesion to convey positive messages such as inclusion, interculturality and anti-racism.

What has been most praised by our volunteers is the intention of the NOMADs project to combine the pleasure of travelling, discovering new territories, with that of meeting new volunteers, but also other “nomads” with whom to share the experience just ended to begin a new together.

Have a look to the images from 2018 actions!