NOMADS makes you live as a real nomad

Giacomo, Nomad volunteer in Estonia

I am a 24-year-old guy, I took part to NOMADS because I wanted to improve my English and experience something different…

How did I manage it? NOMADS allowed me to know new people with cultures very distant from mine, to do much sport, to overcome mental limits, to experience a new situation such as having been riding, climbing in the woods, pedalling every day to reach new destinations, sleeping in the tent for days…

NOMADS makes you live as a real nomad, lets you rinse your face with freshly frozen ice water, take a bike and pedal for 2 km to the beach for gymnastics.
However, we soon get used to and accepting this lifestyle that slowly becomes part of us, changing us.

Although it might seem to be difficult… it is an experience that I absolutely recommend to everyone and that, indeed, everyone should do. It opens your mind and allows you to live with other people, other cultures, in a truly unique environment.

An undoubtedly “strange” experience, but unique and necessary, especially nowadays.