The final event

Sport for all and international volunteering for a fair Europe

The European project NOMADS closes, it has united young Europeans in initiatives of solidarity linked to the sport for all. The final event will take place on November 10th in Rome, inside the Fulvio Bernardini sports facility, from 10 am until late afternoon

Lunaria and UISP Roma have coordinated an Erasmus+ project that has seen voluntary organizations and sports associations united in the promotion of solidarity, active participation and the fight against racism.

NOMADS involved about 100 young Europeans in mobility experiences, dozens of local communities and thousands of volunteers and allowed to experiment a different way to discover Europe and to support events, projects and initiatives, where sport is a tool for social inclusion and cohesion.

130 organizations have been involved, in 7 European countries, which have joined the new network of collaboration aimed at creating intercultural synergies. The young volunteers of NOMADS have contributed both concretely and with their own cultural background to the success of small and large events, fostering the exchange between local communities and the spirit of solidarity. In fact, groups of European volunteers have served in local projects, which have thus opened up to the European dimension, to welcoming and to intercultural wealth.

International volunteering and popular sport are the two elements that gave birth to NOMADS, the project that allowed around 100 young people to travel throughout Europe, taking part in various workcamps, organized by about 130 partner organizations of the project.

NOMADS obtained a positive outcome among the youth who in these three years left with a simple backpack and an Interrail ticket in their pocket to reach the different workcamps they had chosen, and a great desire to make their skills available to realize a festival, a sports competition, cleaning up a path, building a popular gym or building a bridge!

Boys and girls in a “nomadic” mode, in fact, were committed to support many different activities, events and initiatives in which sport has been used as a tool for social cohesion to transmit positive messages such as inclusion, interculturality and anti-racism.

What has been most appreciated by our volunteers is the aim of NOMADS project to combine the pleasure of traveling by train, discovering new territories, and always meeting new volunteers, but also other “nomads” with whom to share the experience just ended and start a new one toghether.

The project was supported by the Erasmus + program and conceived by Lunaria and Uisp Roma, and it ended the last Saturday 10th November with a final meeting where sport and cooperation were the true protagonists of the day, and around 200 people came to make sports and attend the conference.

The doors of UISP sport center Fulvio Bernardini opened from 10 am to let everyone experience many different sports: capoeira, skate, climbing, archery, juggling, aerial acrobatics, rugby, parkour etc … While, in parallel, the representatives of the European associations showed the results of the project and answered the questions of the public that joined NOMADS event.