The Sport for All Manifesto

Sport for All: inclusion and healthy lifestyles

The sport is for all when is guided by the idea of making the sport accessible to all sections of society, as a tool for cohesion, integration, empowerment and well-being.

The “Sport for all” is inclusive, does not isolate nor separate and is not based on selection. The “Sport for all” is not based on the rankings, because it does not need awards. The “Sport for all” is based on the attention of the specificity of the different bodies and is grounded on the idea that there are different ways and styles to learn lifelong. Ensuring the “right to sport” does not only mean to amend the discrimination against certain specific categories of people, but it also means ensuring that everyone has the possibility of being able to practice it in the appropriate facilities and that it is affordable for everyone.

Sport shouldn’t be elitist, but it must reach everyone, as it is one of the best ways to conduct a physically active and healthy lifestyle, and to fight consequently all problems, disorders and certain diseases by the lack of movement.